What To Expect in our Office


On Your First Visit

We are excited that you chose us for your chiropractic needs! Upon your arrival, we will have you fill out paperwork in order for Dr. Bryce and the team to better understand your health history. While you are doing that, we will grab a copy of your ID and insurance to run a complimentary health benefits check to see what your insurance will cover in our office. As soon as your paperwork is completed, we will get you moving through your first appointment in our office!

A Tour of our Chiropractic Clinic

Here at Northern Lakes Chiropractic, we want everyone to feel as comfortable as possible with their experience. That is why part of our process includes familiarizing you with our office. We will briefly show you around and highlight some of the exciting things about our office and chiropractic. This is a great opportunity to meet team members, and ask any questions you may have.


During your first visit you will receive a consultation. During this consultation we will answer any of the questions you may have about Chiropractic. We will also use this time to get a better understanding of your health concerns and discuss how chiropractic can help you achieve your health goals.

Assessment & X-rays

After your consultation we will complete a full assessment and evaluation of your nervous system utilizing our state-of-the-art technology. This allows us to see beneath the skin and into the structure of your spine. This data gives us a better understanding of what interference your nervous system may be experiencing.  While not always needed, our office has an x-ray unit on site in case the doctors want to get a closer look at your spine, which takes about 5-10 minutes to complete. This is the last step of your first visit at our office.

On Your Second Visit

We will schedule a follow-up visit before you leave your first appointment for a time when you and any loved one(s) can come back in to discuss Dr. Bryce’s findings. This second appointment happens at a different time so the doctor can go over your assessments and X-rays to determine what treatment may be needed and how to get you to the goals we discussed on your first visit. We want to help you heal and function at 100%!

Our Chiropractic Technique

The Integrator is the tool that we use to perform the adjustments and is the first FDA approved adjusting tool in the profession. It is one of the only tools in chiropractic that provides a totally reproducible adjustment. It has the capability to fire at 1/10,000 of a second which is faster than any set of hands in traditional chiropractic care. It has the ability to provide an impulse with recoil along with being able to use torque (or spin). This allows the adjustment to be specific to each segment in order to achieve true correction and healing. 

Neurothermal and surface electromyography technology 

Scanning the spine using infrared technology creates a thermographic image, which identifies areas of poor autonomic nerve regulation (nerve interference). CLA’s neuroTHERMAL™ instrument is the choice of discriminating clinicians and researchers, offering valid, accurate and reproducible readings. It is engineered for use with infants, adults, or seniors, allowing for better understanding as to the cause of their underlying health concerns.

Accurately measuring the tone of the muscles along the spine is the centerpiece of most chiropractic evaluations. Now, computerized images of muscle activity and neuromuscular signal distribution are available in a reproducible, validated system known as the INSiGHT neuroCORETM (sEMG). This quick analysis of the neuromuscular activity along the spine produces invaluable information for a chiropractor to manage the effects of the vertebral subluxation. This evaluation reveals how back problems are related to their fatigue and overall declining state of health.

Our Mission & Vision

To educate families from the greater Duluth area about the value of true chiropractic care and how to make decisions about their health without the use of drugs and surgery.

To enable families from the greater Duluth area to choose healthier paths, leading to healthier futures. 

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Experienced Doctors

Our team is highly experienced in providing you with the very best chiropractic care. 


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We respect your time every visit. We make the process of receiving your adjustments as efficient as possible so that you can spend more time with those who mean the most to you.  


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